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Scientific Posters

An Optimal Strategy for Internalizing Ultra-high Throughput Plasmid Sequencing

An Automated Workflow for Multiplexed NGS Library Construction in Low-Coverage Whole-Genome Sequencing of Cannabis sativa

Robust, Scalable, Low-Coverage Whole Genome Sequencing for High-Throughput Crop Genotyping

Comparison of a Transformational One-Step Library Prep Method for High-Throughput, Multiplexed Sequencing

Multiplexed phasing of clinically relevant long human PCR amplicons with short reads

Multiplexed NGS-based QC Tools for QC Assays in Genome Editing Applications


Imputation of loss-of-function genotypes using low coverage WGS in a cattle population

Scalable sample extraction and multiplexed library preparation for high-throughput crop genotyping via low-coverage whole genome sequencing

A novel multiplexed library construction method that streamlines sample preparation prior to targeted hybrid capture

Full-length single-cell RNA-sequencing method with streamlined cDNA synthesis and one-step tagmentation chemistry

Fast and highly sensitive full-length single-cell RNA-sequencing using FLASH-seq

A transformational one-step library preparation method for multiplexed plasmid and amplicon sequencing

Efficient single-cell sequencing for full-length transcripts to decipher subclonal structure of melanoma

Normalizing UDI library construction for sensitive genomic applications

Scalable multiplexed library preparation for low-depth sequencing and genotype imputation

A novel, fully integrated scRNA-seq workflow enables streamlined library preparation with sensitive and robust transcript detection


plexWell Low Pass 384 Library Preparation Kit for Microbiome Applications


plexWell Low Pass 384 Library Preparation Kit: Cost-effective high-throughput low pass genotyping

Normalizing NGS library preparation improves full-length single-cell RNAseq analysis


High-throughput library preparation for low-pass sequence-based genotyping pipelines

plexWell: Powerful multiplexed library prep for diverse NGS applications


Phased NGS library generation via tethered synaptic complexes

Material Safety Data Sheets

MSDS seqWell kits