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How Can Tagify UMI’s Help You?

“We use seqWell’s custom Tagify reagent for our UDiTaS process. The batches are consistent and provide similar tagmentation profiles and editing results. The reactions can be scaled from 96 to 384 wells, and we’ve been able to process thousands of reactions over one year.”

– Georgia Giannoukos, Ph.D., Director of Next Generation Sequencing, Editas Medicine

Tagify i5 UMI Adapter-loaded Transposase

  • Each transposase is loaded with a full-length Illumina-compatible P5 + i5 + UMI + R1 adapter
  • 10-bp i5 barcode and 10-bp UMI
  • Available in sets of 24 or 96 loaded transposases


Recorded Webinar

Assessing CRISPR On-Target Editing and Structural Changes

In this webinar, Dr. Giannoukos highlighted how her team combined a custom Tagify reagent with their UDiTaS method to measure large deletions and inversions at the CEP290 editing site.

She also incorporated data demonstrating reproducibility of different Tagify batches. This webinar was transcribed into a blog if you prefer to read along.

Watch Now

Tagify UMI in Action

Multiplexed NGS-based QC Tools for Genome Editing Applications

Tagmenting DNA using Tagify i5 UMI loaded transposases requires a single 15-minute incubation at 55°C followed by reaction clean-up.  Tagged DNA can then seamlessly integrate into downstream applications* such as gene editing assays like UDiTaS, RGEN, TTIS-seq, CHANGE-seq and others.

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Tagify i5 UMI Reagent Specifications

Specs Description
Primary Applications CRISPR or Gene Editing QC and Verification
Sample Types Genomic DNA
Reactions per Kit
  • 96 reactions
  • 24 reactions
  • Custom dispense available
Standard dispense volume per well 3 microliters
Transposase Hyperactive Tn5
DNA Input Recommended 50ng
Number of unique barcodes 24 or 96 unique molecular identifiers (UMI)
Barcoding Strategy
  • 10 bp Illumina-compatible i5 barcode
  • 10 bp UMI sequence
Output Fragment Range** (measured with Agilent DNA BioAnalyzer Chip) 800 – 2000 bp (using region mode with a range of 200 – 7500 bp)
Sequencer Compatibility All Illumina sequencing platforms;
Use with Element Biosciences AVITI™ or other sequencing platforms is possible with conversion kits for Illumina libraries

**Because the tagged product in not a complete NGS library, sizing data and traces obtained from other methods, such as Agilent TapeStation or Femto Pulse, may vary.

Applications* – commercial use may require a license from a third party.

1. UDiTaS Method: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5861650/

2. RGEN-Seq Method: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34880355/