plexWellTM Multiplexed NGS Library Preparation Technology

seqWell’s plexWell Library Preparation technology permits an order-of-magnitude improvement in the number of samples that can be prepared and readily sequenced on benchtop NGS instruments. This means that the total NGS cost per sample is lowered dramatically (by 10X or more) by spreading the cost of sequencing over 100s – 1000s of samples.

Technology Summary

At the core of our novel plexWellTM technology is a new approach to making NGS libraries that rethinks how library prep works for large numbers of samples. Instead of making individual libraries out of many different samples and then pooling for sequencing, the plexWellTM workflow allows up to 96 libraries to be prepared as a single pool after a simple molecular tagging step. This dramatically reduces the workflow (time) and material (cost) needed to prepare libraries for a 96-well plate.

How does plexWellTM work?

plexWellTM technology adds to the research toolbox by overcoming two major obstacles to greater NGS utilization: total NGS cost-per-sample and streamlining the library preparation workflow.

Normalization Performance Example: >90% of input samples at 0.5% or higher output representation; >80% of input samples within 4-fold output range; 1.5 log normalization effect within support input range (100-fold input range reduced to 2.5 output range)
E. coli library preparation with plexwell gives consistently longer median inserts , maximizing the per read usable data. Insert sizes are consistent over a range of inputs.

Universal Application for Library Prep

A Versatile Tool

plexWellTM is particularly suited for applications needing up to approximately 1 gigabase of raw sequence data, for one or more 96-well plates of template DNA. Examples shown below include full-length plasmid sequencing and multi-kb amplicon sequencing. Depending on the target length of the templates and desired coverage, sequencing can be optionally performed on any Illumina® sequencer.

Access to plexWellTM Library Prep Technology

Researchers can now gain access to plexWell through our professional library prep and sequencing service OR by purchasing our new plexWell Library Preparation Kit.

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