Discover the Features and Benefits of “True Multiplexing”

plexWell’s integrated normalizing library prep technology allows the creation of balanced library pools without the need for sample or library normalization. The simplified 3-hour workflow multiplexes 100's to 1000's of samples for loading on a single sequencing run enabling enhanced overall sequencing performance.










Product Highlights

• Multiplex 100’s to 1000’s of Samples in a Single Sequencing Run

• Eliminate Time-Consuming Input and Library Quant

• Uniform Depth of Coverage and Insert Size on All Samples

• No Upfront or Additional Equipment Needed

Library Preparation for Multiple Applications

Simple and Scalable Workflow

Integrated Normalization = More Samples per Sequencing Run

plexWell Achieves a Significantly Better Level of Multiplexing Uniformity for Highly Multiplex Sequencing Applications

At left, sequencing results obtained for sequencing 192 samples of amplified single-cell cDNA with plexWell (blue) and For Nextera™ reagents (gray). Input DNA was pre-normalized, whereas plexWell library was made from un-normalized amplified cDNA. Read count variation for plexWell showed 27% CV versus 71% CV for Nextera.

Precision Multiplexing

plexWell technology yields balanced multiplexed libraries containing highly uniform insert size distributions and samples read counts

>90% of input samples at 0.5% or higher output representation; >80% of input samples within 4-fold output range; 1.5 log normalization effect within support input range (100-fold input range reduced to 2.5 output range). Multiplexed library preparation with plexWell yields highly consistent insert sizes across samples, maximizing the per read usable data. Insert sizes are consistent over a range of inputs.
E. coli library preparation with plexwell gives consistently longer median inserts , maximizing the per read usable data. Insert sizes are consistent over a range of inputs.

plexWell Delivers Minimal Bias for Diverse Applications

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