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Tagify Custom-loaded Transposase Reagents

We source the oligos, load the transposase, and fully QC the product!

Tagify custom-loaded transposase reagents enable scientists to address the growing number of NGS-based, on- and off-target gene editing methods that rely on tagmentation.

  • Load hyperactive Tn5 or seqWell’s high-performance TnX transposase
  • Customer-specified payload
    • Illumina-compatible barcodes
    • Universal adaptors
    • UMIs
    • Custom oligo sequence
  • Delivered in plate or tube format

Eliminate the need to purify, load, and characterize the final loaded transposase

Free up laboratory resources and reduce a source of assay-to-assay variability

seqWell draws on its expertise in transposase loading and product manufacturing to provide the high level of batch-to-batch consistency and reagent quality that scientists developing new gene editing therapeutics require for reliable on- and off-target analysis.  Inquire today to establish a consistent source of high-quality loaded transposase to bring confidence to the world of gene editing uncertainty.

Shorten the Gene Editing QC Process

“We’ve been asking for this. What’s great about Tagify is that it allows you to look at a specific place in the gene, and adapter concentration is taken care of. This system is really important because it provides us this opportunity to assess the consequences of gene editing in a semi-unbiased way. It shortens our process, makes it much more controlled, and lessens the amount of reagents we need to use.”

– Athea Vichas, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist of Gene Editing Analytical Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

Recorded Webinar

Assessing CRISPR On-Target Editing and Structural Changes

In this webinar, Dr. Giannoukos highlighted how her team combined a custom Tagify reagent with their UDiTaS method to measure large deletions and inversions at the CEP290 editing site.

She also incorporated data demonstrating reproducibility of different Tagify batches. This webinar was transcribed into a blog if you prefer to read along.

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*Commercial use some transposases-based methods may require a third-party license.


Tagify™ i5 UMI Adapter-loaded Transposase

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