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We are currently offering plexWell ProTM — our in-house high throughput professional sequencing service that provides access to plexWellTM technology. With plexWell ProTM service, we perform all whole-plate library preparation, sequencing and data processing on site.

We have a simple sample submission process and our average turn-around time is 2-3 weeks. We deliver data through a secure web server directly to you for easy access. Our team of sequencing specialists has extensive NGS experience with handling many sample types and applications.

PlexWell ProTM utilizes a two-tiered pricing formula: (1) Library Prep and (2) Total Data. This unique pricing formula maximizes the value of the high-throughput, whole plate library prep technology and only charges for data needed – delivering ultimate customer value.

See the chart below for estimated per sample prices for whole plate library prep and sequencing:

2019 plexWellTM Pro – whole plate (n=96) NGS Sequencing Service

*Significant discounts available for higher volume multi-plate orders.

To maximize customer value, output and quality, we provide a custom quote for every customer. Email us at [email protected] to work with one of our sequencing specialists.

Sample Submission Guidelines: plexWell Sample Submission Guidelines 2019

Safety notice: seqWell’s products and services are intended for Research Use Only, not for diagnostic or clinical purposes. seqWell does not accept DNA samples derived from known or suspected pathogens, infectious agents, or any sample type that could present a significant biohazard risk to couriers, our employees, our community, or the environment. Also, federal laws and international regulations apply to the shipping and handling of certain types of biological specimens. 
If your sample is potentially biohazardous, you must first inquire with a competent regulatory authority for guidance and to ensure compliance with this safety notice, and then contact seqWell at [email protected] before placing an order.

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