High-throughput plexWellTM plasmid sequencing and assembly

The seqWell team has developed a high-quality, high-throughput service for complete plasmid sequencing and assembly for $35 or less* per plasmid.

This service is currently ONLY offered for full 96-well plates of plasmids. 


Unique Service Features:

  • Simple sample submission
  • plexWell technology allows for multi-plate library prep
  • Cost-effective, high-throughput sequencing
  • Average 500x coverage (more upon request)
  • De-novo assembly via custom analysis pipeline; no reference required
  • Assembly Consensus Q30 = 99%+
  • Fast turnaround time


Data Delivery Features:

  • An excel summary for the entire plate(s) with assembly status
  • Secure web-based delivery of:
    • FASTQ files for all samples by well and plate position
    • FASTA files for all high quality assembly by well and plate position

*Multiple plate orders or large collection projects are eligible for per plasmid discounts.


Please contact seqWell for a custom quote by filling out the form below. 

Sample Submission Guidelines:

plexWell Sample Submission Guidelines 2019

Safety notice: seqWell’s products and services are intended for Research Use Only, not for diagnostic or clinical purposes. seqWell does not accept DNA samples derived from known or suspected pathogens, infectious agents, or any sample type that could present a significant biohazard risk to couriers, our employees, our community, or the environment. Also, federal laws and international regulations apply to the shipping and handling of certain types of biological specimens. 
If your sample is potentially biohazardous, you must first inquire with a competent regulatory authority for guidance and to ensure compliance with this safety notice, and then contact seqWell at [email protected] before placing an order.

To learn more about our $35 or less plasmid sequencing and assembly service, please fill out this form.

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