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High-Throughput NGS Library Prep for Plasmids and Amplicons Using the ExpressPlex™ Library Preparation Kit on the Tecan Fluent®

In the field of synthetic biology, the ability to rapidly manufacture large numbers of new constructs and confirm their sequences is of paramount importance. Additionally, to leverage the ever-increasing capacity of sequencing instruments while minimizing the sequencing cost-per-sample, users need to be able to multiplex larger numbers of samples during every run. These dual requirements of reduced turnaround time and higher multiplexing demand highly efficient NGS library preparation methods and reliable, easy-to-implement, automated liquid handling systems.

Introduced in 2023, the ExpressPlex Library Preparation Kit is designed to be the fastest and easiest library prep kit available for creating Illumina-compatible libraries from plasmid or amplicon DNA. By using ExpressPlex in combination with the Tecan Fluent liquid handler and sufficient thermocyclers, a single user can easily prepare 1,536 total libraries and take them through sequencing in approximately 24 hours.

Download this application note to learn how the automation of ExpressPlex on the Tecan Fluent creates compact and cost-efficient methods for fast screening of synthetic constructs.

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Gain reliability and efficiency with workflow simplification. 

Workflow simplification provides data quality with scalability and economic value.

  • Extracted sample to libraries on sequencer in < 1/2 a day – speed to data
  • Easy to automate or train any lab technician, minimizing chance for error
  • Suitable for bulk or custom format dispensing, enabling scalability and batch size flexibility
  • Reaction volume flexibility achieves desired economics and scale
  • Significant cost and plastics savings over other protocols
  • Commercially available kit offers quality control and supply chain convenience



ExpressPlex One-Step Workflow