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The purePlex Advantage

The purePlex DNA Library Prep Kit leverages our patented Tn5 transposase-based chemistry where simple molecular tagging steps add dual indexes early on in the library prep process, enabling pooling of samples prior to any bead cleanups or amplification steps.

A distinct advantage of the purePlex workflow is the elimination of individual sample and library normalization which reduces the QC and labor costs compared to traditional UDI workflows.

Application Strengths

  • Synthetic construct sequencing (amplicons, plasmids, etc.)
  • Low-pass whole genome sequencing
  • Whole small genome sequencing (<50 Mb)
  • Metagenomics/Microbiome screening
  • scRNA-seq

Low-Pass Whole-Genome Sequencing on the Element AVITI System Enables Cost-Effective Genotyping

The purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit supports truly multiplexed and highly scalable construction of library pools for low-pass WGS. Together with the Element AVITI™ system, the NGS technology offers an accessible and robust alternative to microarrays for genotyping.

This application note demonstrates that the purePlex DNA Library Prep Kit paired with the AVITI System improves the performance of mid-throughput, low-pass WGS at a competitive price point.

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Speed, Performance, and Auto-Normalization with Unique Dual Indexes

From samples to loading sequencer in less than a day’s work

Building on our best-in-class workflow to make it even faster! purePlex offers a 2.5-hour workflow for preparing 96 samples and only 45-minute hands-on time.