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An Automated Workflow for Multiplexed NGS Library Construction in Low-Coverage Whole-Genome Sequencing of Cannabis sativa

Poster Summary

Low-coverage whole genome sequencing (lcWGS) is a cost-effective approach to genotyping. This “low pass” genome sequencing is a useful tool in agricultural population studies, as it allows for the generation of genomic information on a large scale, which can be used for classification purposes.

In this poster, we demonstrate the ability to generate highly multiplexed pools of lcWGS libraries from Cannabis sativa using an automation workflow on a Sciclone G3 NGSx Workstation liquid handling workstation from PerkinElmer, Inc. using seqWell’s purePlex™ library preparation technology for sequencing on an Illumina NovaSeq instrument.

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Discover the benefits of purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit

In the purePlex™ DNA library preparation workflow, auto-normalization is achieved through sequential transposition events of full-length indexed adapters in the presence of a novel normalization reagent. This approach allows incorporation of unique dual indexing and permits pooling of samples immediately following the tagging steps such that purification and amplification of fragments occur after pooling, reducing the QC and labor costs over traditional UDI workflows.

  • Fast, flexible workflow with no requirement for full plate processing
  • Auto-normalization reduces QC burden, improves data consistency
  • Early pooling for easier sample handling
  • Reduced GC bias compared to other transposase-based methods
  • Save money and reduce waste with fewer tips required.


  • Whole microbial and metagenomic sequencing
  • Plasmids and PCR amplicons
  • Low pass WGS
  • Whole small genome sequencing (<50 Mb)
  • Single cell RNA-seq

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