Insights on NGS, One Focus at a Time

The seqWell Scope is your source for reliable insights on NGS technology, one focus at a time. Each issue of this quarterly newsletter highlights a distinct aspect of the industry through a selection of multimedia resources. We curate long- and short-form videos, educational blogs, event recaps, and more.

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Quarter 1

Insights from PAG and a focus on LP WGS

A focus on high-throughput plasmid seq

Quarter 2

A focus on synthetic constructs and gene editing QC

Quarter 3

A focus on high-throughput plasmid sequencing


Quarter 1

A focus on SARS-CoV-2 surveillance sequencing

Quarter 2

Insights from AGBT and a focus on low-pass whole genome sequencing

Quarter 3

A focus on unique dual indexes

Quarter 4

A focus on single-cell RNA sequencing