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Meet purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit

Maximize Your Sequencing Efforts

  • 2.5-hour workflow for 96 samples, 45 min. hands-on time

  • Auto-normalization of read counts and insert size over 10-fold input range

  • Unique indices included

  • Significant cost and plastics savings over other transposase-based systems

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Fast, Easy Workflow with purePlex™

  • purePlex saves 50% total time over Nextera XT

  • 75% hands-on time savings

  • All times based on processing of 96 samples

Learn more about how purePlex technology can maximize your sequencing efforts.

Save over 50% of time by using purePlex. Check out the workflow comparison


Saving $$$ and The Planet Through Less Plastic

  • 50% + savings in plastics per sample

  • $7+ per plate savings


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Benefits of purePlex:

  • Fast, flexible workflow with no requirement for full plate processing

  • Auto-normalization reduces QC burden, improves data consistency

  • Early pooling for easier sample handling

  • Reduced GC bias compared to other transposase-based methods

  • Significant cost and plastics savings



Product Highlights

Auto-normalization of insert size and read depth:


The insert size within a pool of samples is consistent regardless of input (panel A, left) or GC content (panel B, lower left). In contrast, Nextera XT libraries have varied fragment distributions from GC content even after normalizing the sample input.


Auto-normalization of Read Depth


Samples were normalized to inputs of 3, 5, 10, and 30 ng then underwent purePlex library prep with (+) and without () normalization reagent. Read counts for each sample are equal, regardless of input, when normalization reagent is used. In contrast, without normalization reagent, sample read count scales with input.


Specs Description
Sample Type Amplicons, Plasmids, Genomic DNA, cDNA
DNA Input Range 5 – 50 ng
Number of Unique Index Combinations 2,304
Supported Paired Reads (Clusters)/Sample ≤ 20 million
Output Fragment Range 400 – 1,200 bp
Applications Synthetic construct sequencing (amplicons, plasmids, etc.), Low-pass whole genome sequencing, Whole small genome sequencing (<50 Mb), scRNA-seq, Metagenomics/Microbiome screening
Reactions per Kit 96


plexWell kit art 2

purePlex DNA Library Prep Kit Includes:

  • i7 Tagging Reagent Plate

  • i5 Tagging Reagent Plate

  • Coding Buffer (3X)

  • X Solution

  • MAGwise Paramagnetic Beads

  • Normalization Reagent

  • Library Primer Mix

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