NGS library preparation technologies and expertise to expedite conservation research efforts supporting regional biodiversity protection

BEVERLY, Mass. and LOS ANGELES, Calif, May 9, 2022 – seqWell, a global provider of next-generation sequencing (NGS) library technologies based on its proprietary plexWell™ multiplexing platform, today announced a partnership with California Conservation Genomics Project (CCGP). CCGP, a state-funded initiative led by The University of California aiming to produce the most comprehensive, multispecies, genomic dataset ever assembled to help manage regional biodiversity, has selected seqWell’s NGS library preparation technologies to scale and accelerate its genomics research, whilst providing savings in time, cost and plastic-use. Both partners will describe the initiative and its progress to-date, currently in Phase 2 (data generation) in an upcoming webinar on 11th May, 12:00 PDT, ‘Conserving California: Applying Whole Genome Sequencing in the CCGP.1

Beginning in 2019, CCGP has brought together a consortium of over 100 experts working on the interface of genomics and conservation science to produce a comprehensive genomic data set to help manage regional biodiversity. The data will be used to develop genomic maps of California visualizing such features as genomic variation and climate resilient hotspots. Ultimately, the information will influence land use management and conservation actions, supporting creation of strategic conservation plans to ensure the population, environments and wildlife are resilient to climate change.

seqWell’s plexWell library preparation protocol allows sample pooling after the first enzymatic step, minimizing pipetting steps and reducing the number of tubes handled, all while creating balanced library pools. As part of the collaboration, custom protocols have been developed to ensure the input is accessible across the breadth of taxonomic groups and ages of samples sequenced. Additionally, the protocol optimizations allow the team to expedite and automate library preparation, increasing sample throughput and reducing errors.

Dan Calvo, President and CEO at seqWell, said: “We are pleased to be collaborating with CCGP on their project to utilize whole genome sequencing technology to sequence 22,000 individual plants and animals. The selection of our plexWell technology by such a prestigious academic institution demonstrates the value the technology we have developed can bring by expediting the workflows on such an important project.”

Dr Erin Toffelmier, Associate Director, CCGP, University of California, commented:seqWell’s innovative NGS library preparation technologies are instrumental to our progress, and are already playing a major role in expediting sequencing efforts. The custom protocol and kit configuration provided by seqWell is allowing us to really speed up the number of samples we are processing which is helping us achieve our goal of building the most comprehensive genomic dataset ever assembled for conservation science. To further aid this, we are currently recruiting for a laboratory technician to join the CCGP Mini-Core.”


  1. CCGP and seqWell will discuss the efforts to create a comprehensive genomic dataset in a webinar on May 11th. Register here.