seqWell was created to revolutionize NGS library prep to unlock the full potential of today's DNA sequencing instruments. Building on core strengths of molecular reagent design and workflow engineering, seqWell's product portfolio allows improvements in the scale and quality of DNA sequencing results. Our plexWell™ platform is a transformative library prep technology that allows for simple, scalable multiplexing of 100s to 1000s of samples without time- and cost-consuming normalization. plexWell has wide-ranging impact on applications from synthetic biology, targeted sequencing and single-cell analysis to low and high depth sequencing of human, plant, animal and microbial genomes.

In addition to plexWell, seqWell is also developing library prep methods for reagent-based approaches for long-molecule phasing and read linking.


Joseph Mellor, PhD     Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Erick Suh     Chief Commercial Officer

Jack T. Leonard, PhD     Chief Technology Officer

Tom Grant     Chief Financial Officer

Kerri Stellato     Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Chris Boggess     Vice President, Business Development

Ariele Hanek, PhD     Director, Research and Development

Matt Parisi      Director, Operations

Scientific Advisors

Fritz Roth, PhD      Professor, University of Toronto

Corey Nislow, PhD      Professor, University of British Columbia

Marc Vidal, PhD      Professor, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute