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Introducing Tagify Loaded Transposase Reagents

Providing reliability and scalability to tagmentation based on- & off-target gene editing analysis methods

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Shorten your time to data with scalable true multiplexing library prep solutions.

A true multiplexed solution for quickly preparing NGS libraries from hundreds to thousands of samples. Our simple and scalable Tn5 transposase-based workflows provide far greater consistency across samples and fewer handling steps downstream.

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  • Simple & Fast

    Multiplex 1000’s of samples with ease using our kits.

  • Normalization

    Built-in normalization with every kit.

  • Performance

    Uniform insert sizes & sample read counts.

  • Quality

    Improved overall sequencing performance.

Tn5 Transposase-based Workflow Solutions

seqWell Technology is Accelerating
NGS Research for Our Customers

Scale & Performance through Iterative Barcoding.

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