The seqwell mission

seqWell’s mission is to create disruptive NGS library prep technologies
that uniquely redefine the standards for throughput and utility of any
DNA sequencer.


Core elements of seqWell’s philosophy:

No specialized equipment, just reagents

Simple, scalable workflows

Tunable platforms for any application

Built for streamlined bioinformatics

Streamlined, Cost Saving Workflow

seqWell's engineered molecular reagents allow for many samples to be easily compressed into a single tube with no upfront normalization. Users gain an order of magnitude cost and time savings per sample without any upfront or additional equipment cost.

Maximize Sequencer Utility

Simple format allows for faster multiplexed library generation from 100s to 1000s of distinct samples to maximize sequencer output.

Built-in Normalization

seqWell’s plexWellTM generates a normalized quantity of NGS-ready library across a wide range of input DNA concentrations and eliminates costly and time-consuming need for upfront sample
quantitation and normalization.