plexWellTM Library Preparation Kit

Key Features of the plexWell Kit and Technology:

Workflow Optimization:

plexWell kit workflow allows up to 96 libraries to be prepared as a single pool after a simple molecular tagging step. This dramatically increases the library prep throughput within any lab with or without automation.

Total NGS cost-per-sample Reduction:

plexWell kits typically cost 30 – 50% of conventional library prep on a per sample basis (volume-dependent), but the largest savings and throughput increases are realized in a few different ways:

  • plexWell’s “auto-normalization” feature reduces associated quantification costs by 10- to  100-fold (proportional to the compression factor)
  • little to no quantifying DNA input for library prep
  • essentially 1/96th the total cost of quantifying individual libraries by qPCR (or other  methods) before loading a sequencer
Normalization Performance Example: >90% of input samples at 0.5% or higher output representation; >80% of input samples within 4-fold output range; 1.5 log normalization effect within support input range (100-fold input range reduced to 2.5 output range)
E. coli library preparation with plexwell gives consistently longer median inserts , maximizing the per read usable data. Insert sizes are consistent over a range of inputs.

Components of plexWellTM Library Preparation Kit for 384 DNA samples:

-20°C Box Components:

  • Well-specific Barcoding Plates (WB Reaction Plates), preloaded, color-coded.
  • Plate-specific Barcode Reagent (PB), color-coded to match WB plates
  • Library Primer Mix

Room Temp Box Components:

  • Coding Buffer
  • X Solution
  • MAGwiseTM Paramagnetic Beads
  • Empty 2 ml tubes, color-coded to match WB plates

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