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Discover a novel reagent system for simplifying and expediting library preparation

In this poster presentation you will discover a novel reagent system called ExpressPlex™ that greatly simplifies and expedites library preparation, requiring only two pipetting actions and a single thermocycling procedure to prepare amplified libraries from cDNA.


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  • The plexWell Single Cell Rapid kit enables miniaturization of cDNA synthesis to a 5 µL reaction volume with no information loss
  • Pairing the plexWell Single Cell Rapid cDNA synthesis module with the ExpressPlex library prep module enables easier, faster library preparation over a wide range of RNA and cDNA inputs without sacrificing sequencing data quality or content
  • Both cDNA synthesis and library preparation modules can be automated using common liquid handling capabilities, saving both hands on and total turnaround time and limiting the number of consumables needed

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The plexWell difference

seqWell’s workflow and reagent engineering approach helps researchers harness the capacity of modern sequencing instruments to accelerate their research at scale.

plexWell workflow saves time and money