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Benefits of using ExpressPlex HT

The simplicity of the ExpressPlex HT workflow makes it uniquely well-suited for automated, ultra-high throughput library prep from plasmids and synthetic constructs. Spend your time on data and results, not pipetting! 


ExpressPlex HT users can:

  • Maximize deck-space usage via pre-arrayed 384-well plates
  • Multiplex up to 6,144 samples in a single run
  • Easily integrate the protocol with your automation platform of choice
  • Eliminate the need for aliquoting of reagents and oligo inventory management
  • Reduce tips/plastics use by up to 90%


ExpressPlex 384-Well Workflow

Want ExpressPlex simplicity in a 96-well format?

Check out our standard ExpressPlex Library Prep Kit 

1536 indices, 96-well format, 90-minute workflow

Recorded Webinar | Octant Bio

The game-changing capabilities enabled by ExpressPlex were highlighted in a webinar collaboration with the synthetic biology team from Octant Bio, a drug discovery company located in Emeryville, CA. Octant’s Henry Chan, PhD (Synthetic Biology Lead) and Bryan Jiang (Research Associate) discussed the application of ExpressPlex to OCTOPUS, the high-throughput plasmid sequencing platform that powers Octant’s therapeutic discovery platform. Watch the video to discover how ExpressPlex has dramatically improved OCTOPUS and accelerated their overall discovery process.

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Pre-plated Reagents, Simple Workflow: Less Resources Required

ExpressPlex HT vs. Illumina DNA Prep: Resource Comparison

Massive Multiplexing + Normalization = Less Effort to Run Your Samples

The ExpressPlex HT kit combines the largest ready-made CDI barcode set with a built-in read depth normalization feature, enabling greater capacity and consistent read depths across all samples.

The ExpressPlex HT kit was used to prepare fixed input (8ng) libraries for 6,144 total pUC19 samples across 16 separate 384-well plates. All samples were pooled into a single run on a NextSeq 2000 sequencer (P1 300 cycle @ 2×150). Library preparation was performed on either a Tecan Evo or SPT Apricot. As shown above, even when multiplexing 6,144 samples, ExpressPlex HT provides consistent read depths sufficient for easy assembly of plasmid samples.

Skip plasmid prep and get even faster results

ExpressPlex HT is compatible with plasmid DNA prepared by rolling circle amplification (RCA) or direct colony PCR.

384 plasmids, ranging in size from 4 to 8kb, were picked from agar plates and amplified directly from colony lysates using RCA (EquiPhi29™, Thermo Fisher), or colony PCR (KOD One™, Toyobo). 384-plex libraries were prepared from unpurified RCA and colony PCR reactions using ExpressPlex HT kits on the Apricot S3 Liquid Handler (SPT Labtech). Sequencing was conducted on the MiSeq™ sequencing platform on a Micro v2 kit (384 samples per run).

Are you in need of bulk-dispensed product for your miniaturized reactions?

ExpressPlex HT Specifications

ExpressPlex HT Specifications
Primary Applications Plasmid and synthetic construct sequencing
Sample Input types Purified plasmid DNA, RCA-amplified DNA, amplicons >350bp, colony PCR amplicons
Reactions per Kit
  • 1,536 (4 different sets available)
  • Each kit contains 4 different 384-well plates
Plate format
  • 384-well, Bio-Rad hard shell plates
DNA Input Recommended 8-40ng
Total Library Prep Time 90 minutes
Indexing Method Combinatorial Dual Indexing
Number of Unique Index Combinations 6,144
Output Fragment Range* 400 – 1,200bp
Number of PCR Cycles
  • 12 cycles for plasmids
  • 15 cycles for amplicons
Sequencer Compatibility
  • All Illumina sequencing platforms
  • Compatible with Complete Genomics platforms or Element Biosciences AVITI™ using conversion kits for Illumina libraries
  • 96 or 384-tip head recommended for fastest processing
  • Manual processing is not recommended
  • For up to date list on validated robotic platforms, contact [email protected]

* Fragment size will depend on magnetic bead cleanup ratios used.

ExpressPlex HT Library Prep Kit Includes:

  • 384-well Indexing Reaction Plates (4)
  • 384-well Ready Reaction Mix Plates (4 – containing amplification master mix)
  • MAGwise Paramagnetic Beads
  • Users do not need to supply polymerase, primers, or barcodes. These are already pre-mixed into the reagents supplied.