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Cost-effective library prep technology enabling simple, scalable & true multiplexing.

Optimize a variety of applications with seqWell’s NGS technology:

  • Viral sequencing & variant surveillance – Efficient and highly multiplexed whole viral genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 samples using ARTIC + plexWell™
  • scRNA-seq – End-to-end library preparation for scalable, cost-effective single-cell transcriptome analysis in a single day
  • Microbial sequencing – Solutions for microbial genomes, microbe screening, and metagenomics
  • Plasmid sequencing – High performance, high-throughput plasmid verification and screening
  • Low-pass WGS – Effective alternative to microarray-based genotyping

In support of the innovative environment at Bakar Labs, seqWell is offering members 15% off our standard library prep kits.

John Kinzfogl
Regional Account Manager, West
em: [email protected]
ph: 510-590-1518

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True multiplexing > Built-in normalization > Simplify library prep with plexWell