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plexWell Rapid Single Cell Library Prep Kit

The plexWell Rapid Single Cell Kit couples sensitive, easy-to-use cDNA synthesis chemistry with the unique multiplexed normalizing plexWell library preparation technology, to allow researchers to produce auto-normalized libraries in a single day for hundreds to thousands of cells and profile single-cell whole transcripts from a wide range of cell types.


  • High-efficiency workflow delivers full-length transcript coverage with highly sensitive transcript and gene detection
  • Novel auto-normalization reduces QC burden by 75%
  • Barcoding strategy enables multiplexing of up to 1,152 single cells for sequencing
  • Compatible with common sequencing platforms:
    • Illumina
    • MiSeq
    • MiniSeq
    • NextSeq
    • HiSeq
    • NovaSeq instruments

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plexWell Rapid delivers sensitive gene detection and highly uniform, full-length gene body coverage with challenging samples such as PBMCs.

Streamlined scRNA-seq

Features and benefits


Advantages of plate-based, full-length transcriptome sequencing

  • Complements 3’ and 5’-only droplet-based methods by expanding on cell subpopulations of interest
  • Allows for more in-depth analyses, including allele-specific expression profiling, isoform detection, and SNP and variant profiling across full-length transcripts
  • Detects more transcripts per cell, including those of lower abundance
  • Utilizes FACS instruments for cell sorting and achieves higher cell capture efficiency
  • Requires far fewer cells for successful analysis
  • Enables long-term cell storage post-sorting

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