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The seqWell Advantage

Our seqWell kits offer a true multiplexed solution for quickly preparing NGS libraries from hundreds to thousands of samples. Our simple and scalable Tn5 transposase-based workflows provide far greater consistency across samples and fewer handling steps downstream so you can get to your data faster.

Application Strengths

  • Synthetic construct sequencing (amplicons, plasmids, etc.)
  • Low-pass whole genome sequencing
  • Whole small genome sequencing (<50 Mb)
  • Metagenomics/Microbiome screening
  • scRNA-seq

This offer ends December 31st and applies to the following kits:

  • ExpressPlex: The fastest high-throughput library prep kit available (based on total time to prepare 96 – 384 samples). This kit is designed for quick turnaround of plasmid, amplicon, or synthetic construct sequencing.
  • purePlex: Featuring speed, performance, and auto-normalization with 384 Unique Dual Indexes available (4 sets of 96), this kit optimizes metagenomics/microbiome screening.
  • plexWell LP384: We engineered our same enhanced plexWell workflow for successful low-pass whole genome/GBS library prep and sequencing in just 3 hrs total.
  • plexWell 96 or plexWell 384: plexWell kits normalize input DNA over wide input range of 3-30 ng and save you 30-50% on total lab costs. Recommended for large-scale, full-length viral surveillance.

Offer Disclaimer:

Discount applied from catalog list price.  Limit one 50% off kit per customer. Offer is only valid for customers in North America.

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