plexWellTM WGS-24: The first truly multiplexed NGS workflow built for today's WGS library preparation


Efficient Multiplexed Workflow

  • plexWell WGS libraries (24-plex) are conveniently prepared in a single tube, which reduces associated labor, consumable and library QC costs by more than 10-fold

Better Quality per Sequencing Run

  • plexWell WGS-24 library prep kits automatically normalize read count and deliver uniform insert size distribution across all 24 samples

Outstanding Sequencing Results

  • Delivers best-in-class genome coverage and excellent SNV detection/callability for WGS

Balanced and Uniform Libraries with Minimal Sample Handling

Read counts and library insert sizes without manual pool correction or balancing. A multiplexed library of 24 human gDNA samples (replicates of NA12878) was prepared with the plexWell WGS-24 kit. Reads were demuliplexed and mapped to the hg38 reference for calculation of insert sizes.

plexWell WGS Libraries Exhibit High Uniformity of Coverage

Multiplexed plexWell WGS libraries (replicates of NA12878) were sequenced on the NovaSeq6000 S2 platform and a single replicate was selected and compared with a single sample prepared with conventional PCR-free ligation-based library prep (Vendor X). GC bias was calculated in 100 bp bins on the hg38 reference genome on the basis of 1 million randomly selected reads analyzed with Picard.

Product Specifications

Product Pricing:

plexWell WGS-24 Library Prep Kit

  • plexWell NGS multiplexed library generation kit for Illumina®
  • Kit contents include all reagents necessary to prepare Illumina-compatible NGS libraries from genomic DNA
  • 24 unique barcode combinations

plexWell WGS-24 List Price = $720 ($30 per sample)

Product Literature and Support Materials:

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