seqWell AGBT 2019 Poster: High-Throughput Library Preparation for Low-pass Sequence-based Genotyping Pipelines

At AGBT 2019, seqWell proudly presented some of the latest advancements in its plexWell™ technology including data on the a new application: High-Throughput Library Preparation for Low-pass Sequence-based Genotyping Pipelines

Use the link below to view the poster:  seqWell AGBT 2019 Poster

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seqWell and Gencove partner to offer a low-pass whole genome sequencing end-to-end solution

seqWell and Gencove Bring Together plexWell™ Multiplexed Library Preparation Technology and Powerful Imputation Software to Accelerate Large-scale, Sequencing-based Genomic Projects

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seqWell Presentations at AGBT

Come see our poster presentations at AGBT:

  • Feb. 14th (Tuesday) Poster Session:
    • Poster #303 with Joe Mellor, PhD – “Phased NGS Library Generation via Tethered Synaptic Complexes”


  • Feb. 15th (Wednesday) Poster Session:
    • Poster #202 with Ariele Hanek, PhD – “plexWellTM: High-Throughput Normalizing Library Prep Technology for Large-Scale Multiplexed NGS Library Construction”