Joseph Mellor, PhD

Founder and CEO

Joe is a sequencing technologist and computational biologist. He received his PhD in Bioinformatics from Boston University, and did postdoctoral work at Harvard Medical School and the University of Toronto. He is an author of 20+ scientific publications and patents.

Jack T. Leonard, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Jack is a molecular biologist with extensive experience with product commercialization at companies such as Millipore, Codon Devices, and Febit. He received his PhD from the University of Connecticut, and did postdoctoral work at New England Biolabs.

Tom Grant

Chief Financial Officer

Tom is a veteran executive and venture capitalist in the Boston entrepreneurial community. He is Managing Director of Hale Ventures, LLC, an early stage advisory company. He is Vice Chairman of Lahey Health Systems and Chairs the Lahey Finance Committee.

Ariele Hanek, PhD
Director of R&D

Ariele is a bio-organic chemist with extensive experience in Next Generation Sequencing. She received her PhD in Chemistry from Caltech, and did postdoctoral work at New England BioLabs. She recently held lead R&D roles at KEW, Inc and Beckman Coulter Genomics.

Chris Boggess
VP, Commercialization

Chris is an experienced executive in strategic marketing, product development and commercialization. He most recently held executive roles at Celera Corp, Quest, KEW Inc and Boston Heart Diagnostics. He received an MSR in Organic Chemistry from St. Louis University.

Scientific Advisors

Fritz Roth, PhD
Professor, University of Toronto

Corey Nislow, PhD
Professor, University of British Columbia

Marc Vidal, PhD
Professor, Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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