plexWell plasmid sequencing and assembly

NEW! The seqWell team has developed a high-quality, high-throughput service for complete plasmid sequencing and assembly for $35 or less* per plasmid.

Unique Service Features:

  • Simple sample submission
  • plexWell technology allows for multi-plate library prep
  • Cost-effective, high-throughput sequencing
  • Average 500x coverage (more upon request)
  • De-novo assembly via custom analysis pipeline; no reference required
  • Assembly Consensus Q30 = 99%+
  • Fast turnaround time


Data Delivery Features:

  • An excel summary for the entire plate(s) with assembly status
  • Secure web-based delivery of:
    • FASTQ files for all samples by well and plate position
    • FASTA files for all high quality assembly by well and plate position

*Multiple plate orders or large collection projects are eligible for per plasmid discounts.

Please contact seqWell for a custom quote by filling out the form below. One of our sequencing specialists will contact you within 24 hrs. 


To learn more about our $35 or less plasmid sequencing and assembly service, please fill out this form.

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