plexWell ProTM Services

We are currently offering plexWell ProTM — our in-house high throughput professional sequencing service that provides access to plexWellTM technology. With plexWell ProTM service, we perform all whole-plate library preparation, sequencing and data processing on site.

We have a simple sample submission process and our average turn-around time is 2-3 weeks. We deliver data through a secure web server directly to you for easy access. Our team of sequencing specialists has extensive NGS experience, and are versed in handling many sample types.

PlexWell ProTM utilizes a two-tiered pricing formula: (1) Library Prep and (2) Total Data. This unique pricing formula maximizes the value of the high-throughput, whole plate library prep technology and only charges for data needed – delivering ultimate customer value.

See the chart below for estimated per sample prices for whole plate library prep and sequencing:

2017 plexWell ProTM – whole plate NGS Sequencing Service

*Discounts available for higher volume multi-plate orders.

To maximize output, quality and value, we provide a custom quote for every customer. Email us at [email protected] to work with one of our sequencing specialists.

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